About Us

Emmanuel Middle School 224

Emmanuel Middle School, which opened in 1988, has ‘Aided’ Church of England status. This means that it is controlled by the School Governors (the majority of whom are appointed by the Church of England) but it is aided by the Dorset Education Authority. It has the support of St. Michael and All Angels Church, Verwood and the Diocese of Salisbury who are both contributors to the cost of the building.

Emmanuel is committed to serving the children and parents of Verwood. All children are welcome, regardless of culture, religion or disability. Central to the ethos of the School are the Christian ideals of valuing every individual, caring for the needs of others and mutual respect. Worship and thinking about the meaning of our lives are important but this is also a school where different views are respected.



Emmanuel Middle School 199Mission Statement
At Emmanuel we seek to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where children receive a high quality education within the Christian ethos of caring for one another and where everyone feels secure and valued.




Our School Prayer
Emmanuel – God is with us

Dear God

We pray for our school.
We ask you to bless all staff and helpers, governors, pupils and parents.
We pray that the symbol of light in our candle will inspire us towards hope and joy, knowledge overcoming ignorance, understanding overcoming prejudice, trust overcoming fear, truth overcoming falsehood, love overcoming hatred.

We pray that our school is a place where learning and friendship flourish and
where light constantly overcomes darkness.