French Residential – Day Two Blog

Today, after breakfast, we went to Brie-Comte-Robert. At the start we had a task to do, where we had to plan a French two-course meal for four people, then we had free-time to go around in twos or more and buy souvenirs at the market.

Later we went to the chateau to eat lunch and got ready for Montmartre and Sacre Coeur. We went around the basilica but had to climb loads of steps to get there! After that we went around the market at Montmartre for one hour. On the way home it took ages because of the Paris traffic: ‘Le Periphérique’ was the worst road. We arrived back just in time for dinner and crêpe-making this evening.

Abigail L and Frankie M

And for the main course . . . fish

A rest is needed after climbing all those steps!

Enjoying the Parisian lifestyle