16/10/2017 IOW Residential

We have just received an email from Miss Howe.  They have just got off the ferry and are on their way to Little Canada.  Further blogs to follow tomorrow. 2.55pm, 16th more


13/10/2017 Autumn Newsletter

Please find below a copy of the school’s Autumn newsletter. Autumn Newsletter 17 more


21/09/2017 Extra Curricular Activities – Autumn 2017

Please see below a list of the extra-curricular activities available this term. Extra Curriculum Activities Autumn 2017 more


20/07/2017 Summer Newsletter (2)

Please see below a copy of our latest newsletter. Summer 2017 (2) more


23/06/2017 Year 8 Coaches from Paulton’s Park

We have just heard from the buses arriving back from Paulton’s Park.  Unfortunately they have been stuck in traffic and now believe they will be back at approximat more


04/04/2017 Spring Newsletter

Please click here to view the latest school newsletter. more


10/03/2017 French Residential – Day Four Blog

Today, on the 9th March 2017, we went to the Eiffel Tower. We walked over 500 steps! At the top the view was amazing; you could see the whole of Paris. After the Eiffel T more


09/03/2017 French Residential – Day Three Blog

Lewis Bennett, Will Bennett and Alfie Elgar After a lovely French breakfast, we went to our meeting point and set off for the day to Disneyland Paris. When we arrived we more


08/03/2017 French Residential – Day Two Blog

Today, after breakfast, we went to Brie-Comte-Robert. At the start we had a task to do, where we had to plan a French two-course meal for four people, then we had free-ti more


07/03/2017 French Residential – Day One Blog

At about 6:30am everyone gathered in the School Hall. We were all mixed with emotions. Eventually we got on the coach and waved goodbye to our parents. We watched a film more


06/03/2017 French Trip Update

We have just heard from the French trip.  They managed to catch a slightly earlier Eurotunnel and are about 15 minutes away from their destination.  Mr Brenton will sen more


03/02/2017 Charity Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who brought in cakes for the sale today (and to the pupils and staff who purchased them).  We raised £300.00 from the cake sale which will be spli more


01/02/2017 Spring 2017 Newsletter

Please see below a copy of our latest school newsletter. Spring 2017 Newsletter more


29/11/2016 Autumn Newsletter 2016 (2)

Please find below a copy of the second Autumn term newsletter. Autumn Newsletter 2016 (2) more


24/11/2016 Christmas is Coming

Christmas has started to arrive at Emmanuel.  Our lovely Christmas tree (which was kindly donated by Goadsby) has been decorated by some of the pupils from the Discovere more


18/11/2016 Children in Need

Pupils and staff at Emmanuel have raised an amazing £285.00 for Children in Need by holding a cake sale at breaktime.  A huge thank you to everyone who sent in cakes fo more


10/11/2016 Open Day/Evening

Emmanuel welcomed year 4 parents and children to their Open Day and Evening on Tuesday 8th November.  Thank you to all who attended and we hope your visit was both infor more


21/10/2016 Isle of Wight – Day Four Blog

When we woke we felt like we were in Disneyland. It was cosy and warm in the cabins and we knew exciting activities lay ahead. Today’s breakfast was hash browns, bacon more


20/10/2016 Isle of Wight – Day Three Blog

The day started with a bang…er or two! Sausages were a big hit for breakfast! It was the first morning that we had to drag a few to the dining hall – lots of more


19/10/2016 Isle of Wight – Day Two Blog

We woke very early at about 6am. This was because the boys next door were making so much noise. It was also raining. Breakfast was a choice of bacon, hash browns, tomatoe more


18/10/2016 Isle of Wight – Day One Blog

We were all very excited about the trip ahead. Once the rain had stopped, we jumped onto the bus. Strangely the red bus was blue and the blue bus was white with red writi more


17/10/2016 Isle of Wight Residential

We can confirm that the Isle of Wight trip has arrived safely. more


10/10/2016 Autumn Newsletter

Please see below our latest school newsletter Autumn Newsletter 2016 (1) more


12/09/2016 Extra Curricular Activities – Autumn 2016

Please see below a list of the current activities being offered this term. extra-curriculum-activities-autumn-2016 more


12/07/2016 Summer Newsletter (2)

Please see below the summer newsletter for the end of this academic year. Summer Newsletter 2016 more


01/07/2016 Industrial Action – School Open

As you will be aware from the media one of the biggest teaching unions (NUT) will be taking industrial action on Tuesday 5th July 2016. The action (a one day strike) will more


24/06/2016 The Bushcraft Blog (4)

Thursday: It’s the 23rd, our fourth day at Bushcraft.  We woke up to rain and the sound of Pokémon theme tunes.  The shelters were deserted last night because of more


23/06/2016 The Bushcraft Blog (3)

Wednesday: Today we woke up at 7.30am, some of us slept in shelters – it was surprisingly warm! After that we did archery and the blacked-out sensory trail – it was r more


22/06/2016 The Bushcraft Blog (2)

Today was an eventful day.  First we had a nice English breakfast followed by learning how to purify camp water.  After that we learnt how to make a little campfire. more


21/06/2016 The Bushcraft Blog (1)

Everyone has settled well into camp which is lovely.   Pupils built a shelter in the afternoon which 6 of them slept out under last night.  Food is great and pupils ar more


20/06/2016 Year 8 Bushcraft Residential

We have just heard from the staff on the Bushcraft trip that they have arrived safely at their destination(12.20pm). Hopefully, signal permitting, the staff on the trip s more



Due to the weather forecast our Sports Day has been postponed until Wednesday 13th July.  All timings arrangements remain the same as the programme sent home. more


23/05/2016 Newsletter Summer 2016 (1)

Please click the link below to view the school’s latest newsletter. Summer2016.1 more


23/03/2016 Spring Newsletter (2)

Please find below a copy of the school’s latest newsletter. Newsletter Spring 2016 (2) more


10/03/2016 10th March French Residential BLOG

Thursday 10th March 2016 We have been blessed with a multitude of BLOGGERS today – so please enjoy the selection. Photos will be added tomorrow morning, after ‘es more


09/03/2016 9th March French Residential BLOG

Miles and James G. will be publishing their BLOG later this evening, after they have made all their crepes! It has been a fun day at the Disney Park and we haven’t more


08/03/2016 French Residential BLOG

Tuesday 8th March 2016 Hello! It’s Izzy and Ella. Today we visited Brie-Comte-Robert and Sacre Coeur. At Brie we received a task; we had to buy different foods for a tw more


07/03/2016 French Residential

We have made good time and arrived after our long journey at about 4.30pm. We are about to go to our rooms then it’s dinner followed by some evening activities. We more


07/03/2016 French Residential

We have heard from the trip and they have gone through the Channel Tunnel and are now on the drive to the chateau. More news will follow this evening. more


12/02/2016 Cake Sale

Thank you so much to all the staff, parents and pupils who supported our cake sale today.  We raised an excellent £290.00 which will be shared between Mosaic and Canc more


09/02/2016 Spring Newsletter

Please see below a copy of our Spring Newsletter. Spring Newsletter 2016(1) more


01/12/2015 Autumn Newsletter (2)

Please find below a copy of the school’s Autumn newsletter. Autumn Newsletter 2015 (2) more


13/11/2015 Children in Need – Didn’t we do well!

Pupils and staff have managed to raise a very impressive £825.00 for Children in Need by coming to school in mufti, holding a cake sale and selling Pudsey wristbands. Th more


11/11/2015 Emmanuel’s Open Day/Evening

Thank you to all those parents who joined us on 10th November for our open morning tours and open evening presentation and activities.  Please see below some of the ph more


23/10/2015 IOW Travel Update

3.15pm – I have just spoken to Mr Hall who informs me they are on the ferry and their expected time of arrival at Emmanuel is still 4.30pm. 3.40pm – They are more


23/10/2015 IOW Blog – Day Four

Our last full day. The sun was shining down on this beautiful Island, which someone keenly pointed on disembarking the ferry, ‘looks just like England’. It ha more


22/10/2015 IOW Blog Day Three

We were woken early by the sound of heavy rain. It was chucking it down!   We all got showered, dressed and had another yummy breakfast.  We had an omelette with sausa more


21/10/2015 IOW Blog – Day Two

We were woken at 7am after our first night away. Our breakfast was soooo nice and included bacon, baked beans and hash browns … and cereal … and toast … more


20/10/2015 IOW Blog – Day One

After a very busy day of travelling and ensuring the children were happily settled into their new surroundings, the first blog from the trip was received very late last n more


23/09/2015 Autumn Newsletter

Please see below a copy of the school’s latest newsletter. Autumn Newsletter 2015 (1) more


16/07/2015 Summer Term Newsletter

Please see below a copy of the school’s summer newsletter. Summer Newsletter 2015 (2) more


03/07/2015 Year 8 Trip Return (Updated 4pm)

We’ve made good time so far. We are hopeful for a 4.45pm arrival. We will update this post if this changes. more


01/07/2015 Year 8 Trip Day 3

Today was a very energetic day at Torquay. One of the favourite activities that we did today was the raft building. We had to assemble various barrels in a line of two wi more


29/06/2015 Year 8 Trip Day 1

We didn’t have the best start, the bus was late and we couldn’t fit through the small village lanes, but luckily as the day went on it got better. After all t more


29/06/2015 Year 8 Trip

We’ve arrived!  We’ve had a meal and are getting ready for our evening activity.  We aim to blog each evening about our day. more


20/05/2015 Summer Newsletter (1)

Please see below link to the school’s latest newsletter. Summer Newsletter 2015 (1) more


26/03/2015 Spring Term Newsletter

Please see below our latest newsletter. Spring Newsletter 2015 (2) more


05/03/2015 French Trip – Day Four – Paris

We have had a fantastic time in France so far but today has to have been the best day in our opinion.  On our way to Paris our PGL leader showed us the pea factory and t more


04/03/2015 French Trip Day Three – Disney

I woke up to a hyped gang in my room, I was digging the vibe.  Everybody had the get up and go attitude – there was sun, there were 54 excited kids and half a doze more


03/03/2015 French Trip – Day Two

We are having a fantastic time in France so far! We awoke this morning excited about the day ahead.  We made our baguettes for lunch before breakfast and then boarded th more


02/03/2015 French Trip – Day One Travel Blog

As soon as we got to school the bubble of excitement ran through us.  We boarded the coach waving goodbye to our parents.  The traffic was on our side and we made good more


02/03/2015 Year 7 French Residential

15:10 – We have been informed that the coach party have arrived safely at the Chateau. more


06/02/2015 Spring Newsletter (1)

Please find below a copy of the latest school newsletter. Spring Newsletter 2015 (1) more


03/02/2015 School is Open (Tuesday 3rd February)

School is open today. more


22/01/2015 DCC Consultation on Catchment Areas

We have been requested by Dorset County Council to inform parents of the consultation process which is taking place in relation to proposed changes to catchment areas in more


02/12/2014 Autumn Term Newsletter (2)

Please see below a copy of the school’s latest newsletter. Newsletter Autumn 2014 (2) more


13/11/2014 Children in Need

Emmanuel Middle School raised a very impressive £460.00 for Children in Need on Friday.  Well done to everyone! more


12/11/2014 The new minibus has arrived!

Sophie Trim, Chair of the PTFA, together with Helene Gee and Lin Pagden hand over the keys to the school’s new minibus to Jill Watson, Headteacher. more


12/11/2014 Emmanuel Middle School Open Day/Evening

On Tuesday 11th November we held our open day and evening for prospective parents.  The morning tours were conducted by our Year 8 Ambassadors and were an opportunity fo more


24/10/2014 IOW Return Information

We have heard from the trip – they are still expected to arrive back at 4.00pm. more


24/10/2014 IOW Blog 23/10/14

First of all, we were woken up early to have our delicious breakfast, which we enjoyed very much.  Afterwards, we were able to start our morning activities. In Group 3, more


23/10/2014 IOW Blog 22/10/14

We got woken up by Mr Brenton knocking on the door. Then we got dressed and lined up for breakfast: we had a lot of fruit and cereal. Then we came back to our cabins and more


22/10/2014 IOW Blog 21/10/14

Today we did Aeroball and Low Ropes. If you don’t know what Aeroball is, it is where you jump on a trampoline and try to get the ball in one of the two hoops. Our champ more


21/10/2014 IOW Blog 20/10/14

We left the school at 11:00am. We then got on the ferry at 1:00pm. Forty five minutes later we were on the Isle of Wight and we had a one hour drive to Little Canada. Whe more


20/10/2014 Year 6 IOW Residential

15:30 – The pupils have arrived safely at Little Canada. They are about to embark on their evening activities. We hope to update you with more news tomorrow. more


10/10/2014 Isle of Wight Parent Information

Following the parent information evening on Thursday 9th October, please see below a copy of the presentation shown. Isle of Wight 2014 Parent Information Presentation Pl more


03/10/2014 Autumn Newsletter

Please see below the new Autumn 2014 Newsletter. Autumn Newsletter 2014.1 more


12/09/2014 Extra Curricular Activities – Autumn 2014 (Updated)

Please see below details of the extra curricular activities currently on offer this term. ActivitiesSheetAutumn2014 more


16/07/2014 Summer Newsletter 2014 (2)

Please see below a copy of the school’s summer term newsletter. Summer Newsletter 2014.2 more


07/07/2014 School Open as Usual – Thursday 10th July 2014

As you will be aware from the media one of the biggest teaching unions (NUT) and other non-teaching unions such as UNISON and GMB will be taking industrial action on Thur more


03/07/2014 2015 Year 7 French Trip Information

Following Mr Brenton’s parent information evening on Tuesday 2nd July, please find below a copy of his presentation.  A letter giving further details of the trip w more


26/06/2014 Year 8 Residential Thursday Blog

Today is our last full day and for most people it has come far too quick, but we still had four more activities and the disco to come. As we went to breakfast we were won more


25/06/2014 Year 8 Residential Wednesday Blog

Wednesday started early again, woken up by our slightly under enthusiastic teachers but it was only 7am!   A few crooked lines and a large trample later we were in b more


24/06/2014 Year 8 Residential Tuesday Blog

Tuesday was our first full day, and it started bright and early. Yesterday we had a tour round the lovely PGL site by cheerful and welcoming staff, after that we had a wa more


23/06/2014 Year 8 Residential

We’ve all arrived safely and are settling into our rooms. We’ve had a good meal and are about to leave for our first activity. We hope to post each evening wi more


23/05/2014 Summer Newsletter

Please see below a copy of the most recent school newsletter. Summer Newsletter 2014.1 more


23/05/2014 Year 8 Residential Trip Information

Following the parents information evening on Thursday 22nd May please see below a copy of the presentation and other information that was made available. Y8 Parents eveni more


02/05/2014 Isle of Wight Residential

Following the information evening please see below a copy of the powerpoint presentation used together with a copy of the letter sent to parents. IOW Presentation May14 I more


04/04/2014 Ferndown Upper School Meeting

Mr Willis, Headteacher of Ferndown Upper School has invited all parents to a meeting on Tuesday 22nd April at 6.30pm in the School Hall at Ferndown Upper School where he more


04/04/2014 School Production Success

On Tuesday 1st April and Wednesday 2nd April pupils at Emmanuel Middle School put on their school production of The Pirates of the Curry Bean, a piratical musical full of more


31/03/2014 Spring Newsletter 2014 (2)

Please see below our latest school newsletter. Spring Newsletter 2014 (2) more


21/03/2014 Sport Relief – Well Done Emmanuel

Sporting Mufti, cake sale, one mile walk/run and a staff sweepstake have raised a fantastic £659.39.  Full report and photos to follow in the school newsletter.  Well more


18/03/2014 School Production – Tickets on Sale

Tickets for the School Production of The Pirates of the Curry Bean are now on sale at the school office priced £3.00 each. Performances are taking place on Tuesday 1st A more


18/03/2014 Successful Cake Sale for Mosaic

On the 14th February Emmanuel Middle School held their most successful cake sale ever in aid of Mosaic. In the background, doing the organisation were three very importan more


07/03/2014 Year 6 Boys Football

Congratulations to the Year 6 boys football team who beat Broadstone Middle School in the final. They won 3-2 to become the Poole and East Dorset champions. more


06/03/2014 Year 7 French Residential Day Three Blog

Today was a day to remember.  We started off driving through the entrance to Paris then we got the first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.  The closer we got the more real i more


05/03/2014 Year 7 French Residential Day Two Blog

Today we went to Disneyland Paris.  We had an amazing time.  There were many different rides to go on.  One of the best rides was Space Mountain Mission 2 – it w more


04/03/2014 Year 7 French Residential Day One Blog

After a long journey on the coach and a decent night’s sleep, we woke up at 7.00am to be ready for breakfast at 7.30am. There was a wide variety of breakfast foods, more


03/03/2014 Year 7 Residential Update

We have finally arrived!  The traffic was somewhat eventful to put it mildly.  All of the children were fantastic.  They are all now settled in to their rooms and have more


25/02/2014 Year 7 Residential Trip to France

The Year 7 residential trip to France departs on Monday 3rd March.  Please see below information for parents. France FINAL PARENT’S EVENING Feb 2014 Final Letter t more


11/02/2014 Spring Newsletter 2014 (1)

Please click below to view our Spring Newsletter. Spring Newsletter 2014 (1) more


28/11/2013 Autumn Newsletter 2013 (2)

Please click on link below to view the second autumn newsletter. Autumn Newsletter 2013 (2) more


04/11/2013 Christianity in Action

The School Council at Emmanuel Middle School in Verwood voted to  make a difference to their local community as part of Harvest Festival this year. After learning more a more


24/10/2013 Double Celebration

Emmanuel Middle School in Verwood had two reasons to celebrate last month; they opened the new shared use Sports Hall and held an Open Evening to celebrate their Silver A more


22/10/2013 Isle of Wight Blog

The year 6 residential to Isle of Wight arrived safely.  We will hopefully be receiving daily blogs from some of the students which we will post: Monday 21st October 201 more


27/09/2013 Autumn Term Newsletter

Please click on link below to view the school’s Autumn newsletter.  Autumn Newsletter 2013 (1) more


19/07/2013 Summer Newsletter (2)

Please click on the link below to view the latest school newsletter. Summer 2013 (2) Newsletter more


05/07/2013 Return of Year 8 Residential

Update!!! We have been informed that owing to heavy traffic, the anticipated time of arrival back at school, will now be between 4.45 and 5pm. more


01/07/2013 Year 8 Residential

We have all arrived safe and sound, are settling into rooms and are enjoying the Torquay sunshine! more


19/06/2013 Sports Day – Postponed

Due to the weather forecast for rain tomorrow, the decision has been made to postpone Sports Day until Wednesday 26th June 2013.  Pupils should therefore come to school more


14/05/2013 Summer Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view the lastest school newsletter. Summer Newsletter 2013 (1) more


28/03/2013 Blast Off School Production

Our talented students delighted audiences with their performance of Blast Off.   The cast were supported by an impressive team of students, staff and parents who assist more


27/03/2013 Spring Newsletter 2013 (2)

Please click on the link below to view this second newsletter for the Spring Term. Spring Newsletter 2013 (2) more


15/03/2013 Red Nose Day 2013

Fundraising Superheros at Emmanuel Middle School enjoyed their Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March.  Students came dressed to school in mufti, although a large majority of more


07/02/2013 Verwood Mayor visits during Youth Parliament Voting

Verwood Mayor Simon Gibson visited Emmanuel Middle School on Thursday 7th February during the student voting for the Youth Parliament.  Pictured is Mrs Watson, Headteach more


30/01/2013 Spring Newsletter

Please click on link below to view the first newsletter of the Spring Term. Newsletter Spring 2013 (1) more


21/01/2013 School is Open

The school is open today, Monday 21st January 2013. more


18/01/2013 School Closed – Friday 18th January 2013

Due to severe weather conditions the school will be closed today, Friday 18th January 2013. more


20/12/2012 Year 8 People Project

On Friday 14th December all of the pupils in Year 8 took part in the ‘People Project’.  This is where pupils from Beaucroft School visit Emmanuel to take part in a C more


20/12/2012 Year 8 Christmas Cookery Club

A group of year 8 pupils took part in the after school Christmas Cookery Club.  They made a variety of Christmas dishes culminating in a traditional Chocolate Yule Log. more


12/12/2012 Autumn Newsletter

Please follow the link below to view our Autumn Newsletter. Newsletter Autumn 2012 (2) more


30/11/2012 Mr Brenton’s Movember Moustache

On Friday 30th November 2012, Mr Brenton removed his moustache which he had grown for Movember. Students paid 50p to enter the hall to witness the removal of the moustach more


05/11/2012 Mayor of Verwood attends Presentation of new Lazer Cutter

The Mayor of Verwood, Simon Gibson, attended Emmanuel Middle School on Wednesday 24th October, to mark the official presentation to the school of a laser cutter from the more


23/10/2012 Year 6 Isle of Wight Residential

Mr Brenton telephoned this morning (Tuesday 23rd October) to say they had arrived safely, everyone is happy and they all had a good first night. Daily student blogs will more


24/09/2012 Autumn Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view our first Autumn newsletter. Autumn Newsletter (1) more


11/09/2012 Inspection Parental Guide

Dear Parents, Your child will have brought a copy of a letter home today informing you that we are about to undergo our Ofsted Inspection.  The letter referred to a guid more


20/07/2012 Summer Newsletter

Please click link below to view our last Summer newsletter. Summer Newsletter (3) 2012 more


06/07/2012 Year 8 Returning from Hayling Island

The Year 8 trip from Hayling Island is returning this afternoon, Friday 6th July 2012.  Parents are requested, if collecting their child, to do this at 3.30pm to allow t more


06/07/2012 Summer Newsletter 2

Please find below a link to the second Summer Term Newsletter. Summer 2012 Newsletter 2 more


02/07/2012 Hayling Island Trip

The Year 8 trip to Hayling Island has arrived safely at their destination.  They are currently playing indoor games waiting hopefully for the weather to clear. 1.25pm, 2 more


22/06/2012 We are open

Although Verwood First School has had to close today, Friday 22nd June, due to problems with their electricity supply, please note that Emmanuel Middle School is open as more


01/06/2012 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

With the school decorated in union flag bunting, the corridors with special bunting hand made by the students, the scene was set for Emmanuel’s very own Jubilee cel more


01/06/2012 Charity Day

On Friday 25th May,EmmanuelMiddle School in Verwood held a Charity Day in aid of Help for Heroes and Woofability. The day was the result of a lot of hard work by organise more


22/05/2012 Summer Newsletter

Please click below to view this term’s newsletter. Summer 2012 Newsletter more


30/03/2012 Sport Relief

Staff and students at Emmanuel Middle School went “the extra mile” on Friday 23rd March for Sport Relief.   Students came to school in mufti fancy dress and more


26/03/2012 Spring Newsletter (2)

Please click below to view a copy of the school’s Spring Newsletter (2).   It contains information about upcoming events, reports from the PE and the Science Depa more


23/01/2012 Spring Newsletter

Please click below to view a copy of the school’s Spring Newsletter.  It includes information about this term’s extra curricular activities, year news and de more


14/12/2011 Year 8 People Project/Beaucroft Visit

The pupils from Beaucroft School were invited to a Christmas party at Emmanuel on Friday 9th December, organised by our Year 8 pupils. The Year 8 pupils had been busy sin more


01/12/2011 Autumn Newsletter

Please click below to view a copy of the school’s Autumn Newsletter.   WOW day reports and photos, fund raising news and information on upcoming events. Autu more


22/11/2011 Industrial Action, Wednesday 30th November 2011

Unfortunately due to a high proportion of our staff taking industrial action on 30th November 2011, Emmanuel Middle School will be closed on this day for health and safet more


18/11/2011 Year 5 Treehouse Theatre Visit – Tudor Exploration

On Thursday 10th November the Treehouse Theatre Company visited our Year 5 pupils.  During the day the pupils took part in four workshops relating to the Tudor dynasty, more


21/10/2011 Welcome to our new website

Welcome to Emmanuel Middle School’s new website.  We have been busy updating the website and giving it a new look.  We hope that you find it easy to use and info more


21/10/2011 Year 6 Treehouse Theatre Visit

On Monday 3rd October the year 6 students were visited by The Treehouse Theatre Company for their “Children in Victorian Times” themed day.  The children took part i more


19/10/2011 Year 5 Voiceworks Visit

On Tuesday 18th October we were lucky enough to have 3 specialist teachers from a group called “Voiceworks” to come into school and work with the year 5 students to c more