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French Residential- Day Four

Daily blog from the French Residential - Day Four - Eiffel Tower

As we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, everyone didn’t realise how tall it was. We had to climb the stairs up to the first floor as the lifts sometimes get stuck, nearly all of the time. 

The view from the first and second floor was amazing; you could see pretty much the whole of Paris. To get to the top floor, we had to take a lift; everyone was squished in together to fit in. Once we got to the top, you could see the whole of Paris and more. If you leaned backwards in the wind, you wouldn’t move and everyone’s clothes were floating in the wind. Mr Foord showed everyone the PSG Football Stadium in the distance, which was excellent.

After the big climb down the Eiffel Tower, we went on the River Seine Cruise. We collected our tickets and went on. As we sat down, we whipped out our lunch. The boat started moving and we listened to the phones as we went past the attractions. Some people went outside and saw the things up close, including the small Statue of Liberty.

Ellie C and Casey G

Mr Brenton has informed us he will keep us up to date with their journey home tomorrow.  Please check the school website for this information as we will post updates as we receive them.