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French Residential Travel Update

Please check here for travel updates for the return journey.

9.10am - Mr Brenton has informed us that they are on their way to Vimy Ridge, the roads were being kind, and he would let us know when they arrive at Calais.

3.30pm - Mr Brenton has just telephoned to say they are safely back in England.  He expects that they will arrive back before 8.00pm but will contact us in about an hour to update the ETA.

5.00pm - Mr Brenton has advised us that they are at Junction 10 on the M25 and will hopefully be on the M3 soon.  They will be stopping at Fleet Services and Mr Brenton is hoping to be back at about 7.30pm.  Further update when they are about half  an hour away.

6.55pm - Mr Brenton has informed us that they have left Fleet Services but due to traffic the ETA is now 8.00pm.  He will confirm when they are half an hour away.

7.25pm - Mr Brenton has confirmed the 8.00pm arrival time.