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Emmanuel Middle School

Year 7 French Residential

Blog for Monday 14th October

We all got up really early and arrived at school with our parents and cases and went to the school hall. After we were checked in and gave our passports and pocket money to our group leader, we got on the coach and set off. We waved to our parents and headed towards France!

We stopped at Clacket Services and then went to the Eurotunnel at Folkestone. The coach drove onto the train and it was a really strange feeling to be underground. We didn’t feel as if we were even moving. We were allowed to get out of the coach and could see the tunnel through the window.   

We stopped at a French service station. It was really hot and sunny. We played for 10 minutes and then got back on the coach.

We then made our way to the Château de Grande Romaine. It took ages because we got stuck in traffic. We arrived at 6pm French time and the PGL staff were there to meet us. Their names are Vic and Zac. Mrs Robertson told us our rooms and Vic gave us our room keys.

We took our cases to our rooms and then it was time for our evening meal. We had chicken or veggie lasagne. We could also try eating a snail if we wanted to - they were really chewy!

After that we had a snapshot competition where we had to do a treasure hunt around the grounds in our groups.

We are really looking forward to tomorrow as we are going to a French market.