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Year 5 Heatree Residential

Updates, blogs and photos from the Year 5 Heatree Residential


08/04/2022 15.25pm - We have just received an update from the Heatree coaches - estimated time of arrival at Emmanuel is now 5.00pm.

08/04/2022 1.35pm - We have just received an update from the Heatree coaches - estimated time of arrival at Emmanuel is now 4.00pm.

08/04/2022 - The coach is due to leave Heatree at 12.00pm today.   We will have the first update on arrival time at 1.30pm.

2.15pm 5/4/22 - We have just received confirmation that the Year 5 pupils have arrived safely at Heatree.  A longer journey than expected due to roadworks and a detour.

Wednesday 6th April 2021

A brilliant first day and night had by all yesterday - we could not be more proud of our Year 5s at Heatree. 

After arriving, we spent the afternoon in the sunshine completing a rather challenging orienteering course - they found so many of the targets!  Well done Year 5, we have been so impressed by your teamwork, resilience and leadership skills - keep up the great work. 

Our dinner of sausages and chips went down very well with the children and then they enjoyed a lovely, warm evening playing outside, with some choosing to join in the football. Our year 5s certainly gave Mr Brennan, Mr Christopher, Miss Stinson and Mr Parker a run for their money!

Today, after breakfast, we are looking forward to a range of activities including the high ropes, low adventure course, archery and bushcraft, so we’ll look forward to sharing more photos with you all then. Mr Brennan will also begin his famous room inspections for the tidiest room - the children really are excelling themselves with their organisation,so it’s going to be a really tough call this year!

Zak H

“I loved the orienteering and discovering the woods. We found so many of the targets!”

Henry G

“ It was great being in the woods for the orienteering, and I even found and held a newt!”

Immy H 

“I loved having free time in the evening to play with the frisbee and spend time with my friends”

Abigail B

“The orienteering was so fun because I loved exploring the Heatree site and racing to find the points”

Olivia P 

“Going up into the woods, running around was so fun because of the adventure and freedom we got”

Thurs 7th April

After another hearty breakfast, the Year 5s took on their first full day of activities yesterday. But before this, the important results of Mr Brennan’s coveted ‘Brennan Housekeeping Cup’ were announced.  For the girls, well done to Layla, Autumn, Ellie, Sophia, Mia and Jess. And for the boys, it was very close indeed but well done Brenin, Monty, Harrison and Tyler - a really great effort to impress with your room organisation. 

So, onto our activities for the day, which brought some amazing opportunities for the children to experience the high rope climbing, archery targets, bushcraft activities and the famous muddy, low adventure course. 

Over to them to tell us all about it…


We were so excited to be the first winners of the Brennan Housekeeping Cup! I think we won it because we were so organised and even lined up our teddies! My favourite activity was the low adventure because we got really muddy and wet and I was so looking forward to that!


I loved the low adventure course because I liked getting wet and it was really fun when we had to work as a team to slide our feet across the wooden planks. Archery was also brilliant because at the end of our competition, we had to shoot and pop the balloons. It was a draw in the end and I was really happy to get gold. This was 5 points.  

My favourite meal of the day is lunch because we get to choose our own food in our sandwiches. I chose the ham, cheese today and tomorrow I’m looking forward to an egg roll. 


My favourite thing yesterday was in the bushcraft activity when we had to build the fires and the dens because we had to look for the den wood ourselves and work as a team. I also really liked when we toasted the marshmallows on the bamboo. It tasted very sugary but nice. 

Oliver W

The thing I really liked the best yesterday was the low adventure course because we got wet and got to slide down a tunnel tube! I had never done archery before but was so happy when I shot a gold!


Yesterday, I was most proud of my high ropes challenge because I think I pushed myself and tried really hard. I challenged myself by getting right to the top which was quite scary at first but so much fun to have done it.


I think my highlight from yesterday was falling backwards into the stream on the low adventure. I also really loved popping the balloons on the archery challenge. 


My favourite was the high ropes challenge because it was great jumping to come back down again. 


My favourite were the bushcraft challenges as we got to try nettle tea! 


High ropes was so fun and not as scary as it looked. I was the first out of my whole group to do the koala roll which meant going upside down! The food is great and I’m looking forward to my roast dinner tonight!

Brenin & Lucas 

We really loved the bushcraft activities because we got to find wood and sticks to build our team dens. It was so fun.

Ben B

So far, my favourite has been the high ropes. It was scary but I knew I would be ok and I had to go for it, I went all the way to top of the ladder which made me feel really proud of myself. I have also loved the sausage and mash!















Final blog - Thursday 7th April

What another fantastic day for the Year 5 crew at Heatree.  We started with three cheers for our birthday boy, Caleb, at breakfast which was a lovely rousing start to our busy day. In addition to a stunning roast dinner and ice-cream dinner, the Children enjoyed the activities they hadn’t yet done, including the high ropes, low adventures, archery, bushcraft activities and a new activity this year called Going Global!  This fast-paced game is designed to illustrate how trade can affect the prosperity of a country and highlights how world trading systems are often designed to help the wealthy, well-developed countries, while neglecting the underdeveloped ones.

This has really helped the children widen their understanding of developing countries, worldwide trading relationships and frustrations of limited resources. Year 5s were also showing off their incredible teamwork and leadership skills  - go Year 5, we are so proud of you!

Here are a few of the children’s highlights…

Harry P - I absolutely loved the high ropes and nothing was too high for me!

Daniel - the high ropes really challenged me as I am a bit afraid of heights but I just went for it and completed all the heights and climbs. 

Henry G & Rome - we have really enjoyed the football, the bushcraft and Going Global - all the trading between countries was awesome!

David  - I have really enjoyed being with my friends and the den building in the bushcraft challenges. 

Henry Y - definitely the bushcraft - den building and making the fire. 

Autumn & Isla - It has to be the low adventure for us, it was so much fun. 

Sammy & William - we really loved the roast dinner and definitely low adventure assault course - it was so much fun. 

Adam - My best activity was the high ropes as I conquered my fears and went so high on the ropes. 

Charlotte - definitely high ropes for me! I loved the spinning and ‘flying’ at the end as we jumped down. 

Mya & Penny - low adventure brought out the courage in us as we tackled the see-saw challenges and tunnel crawling

Mai - Low adventure was SO MUCH FUN!

Millie - I would have to say the high ropes as I was so nervous but so proud of myself for going for it.