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Emmanuel Middle School

Science Week April 2024

KS2 and KS3 Science Week Activities, Tuesday 23rd April 2024

On Tuesday 23rd we celebrated Science week with activities centered around this year's theme of 'Time'. The students learnt that time is a key concept in Physics and how this area of Science can be seen all around us in all aspects of our everyday lives.  

Then it was competition time, with Physics at the heart of each task, to find our 'Time Masters'.  KS2 started us off with a nail-biting competition between staff and students. We saw the staff finally coming out victorious. Then it was the turn of the KS3 students. They took on a staff team consisting of many of the Senior leadership team, but unlike the KS2 competition, the students almost made a clean sweep, winning almost every round to walk away with the trophy. 

Thanks has to go to so many people, from the team members for being such amazing competitors, the audience for their tireless enthusiasm, our new Science Technician Mrs Ormesher, who spent so much time helping to perfect the tasks and set up the equipment, and to the Science leaders who worked so hard to make the event run so smoothly. Last but not least, a huge thank you to Miss Lynn who kindly custom-made KS2 and KS3 trophies, which she has offered to engrave with the winners of this year's competition.  

Maybe we might see 'Time Masters' return next year with students battling against the EMS staff.