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Emmanuel Middle School


Executive Headteacher
Ron Jenkinson

Head of School
Rob Christopher

Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo                    
Alice Ponchaud

Year 5
Mikey Brennan
Michael Cotton – Head of Design Technology
Elaine Robertson – Head of Wellbeing
Helen Prestage

Year 6
Jemma Howe – Pastoral Head of Year
Jerry Brenton – Standards Head of Year/Head of English
Katy Anderson
Matt Timmins – Head of Music and Computing

Year 7
Mark Rangdale – Pastoral Head of Year (supported by Natalie Stocks)
James Moloney
Ryan Foord – Head of PE
Sally McGraw
Rebecca Fagge – Head of French

Year 8
Mark Rangdale – Pastoral Head of Year

Angela Etheridge - Assistant Head of Science
Natalie Stocks – Supporting Pastoral Head of Year
Ann Turtle
Kerry Thompson – Standards Head of Year/Head of Art
Sally Webster

Other Teaching Staff

Sarah Stewart – (part time)
Jodi Parker – (part time)
Jenni Whiteman

Adrian Palmer

School Secretary                      
Sam Askam

Emma Shelley

Gill Dobson

IT Technician

Jacky Robinson (part time)

Lab Technician
Chrissie Holloway

CDT Technician
Jan Collard – (part time)

Pastoral Support Worker

Glenda Binning

Learning Support Co-ordinators
Stef Thorn and Emma Williams

Teaching Assistants                  
Sarah Childs, Wendy Kirby, Jennie Munson, Mary Neill, Sue Portnell, Gill Ruddy, Sharon Savage, Sue Stevens, Jane Whittingham, Beverley Ware and Lynn Webb

Site Manager
Chris Holloway

Chrissie Holloway

Senior Kitchen Assistant                       
Jane Brunning

Kitchen Assistant                                  
Wendy Tomkins

Midday Supervisors
Jayne Cooke, Jenny Howe, Katrina Baker and Mia Oliver